The Power and Flexibility of Online Learning

The curriculum for DreamBuilder was created by Thunderbird School of Global Management, the number one ranked school for international business. Leaders in business education for women entrepreneurs in emerging markets, Thunderbird crafted the 12 course DreamBuilder program specifically for the culture, language, and learning level of the women students. BlueDrop Performance Learning, industry leaders in online education, built the engaging DreamBuilder courseware on their robust learning management platform, CoursePark.

World-Class Expertise

Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold chose its partners carefully for the DreamBuilder program. Thunderbird School of Global Management, the world’s No. 1-ranked school for international business, developed the DreamBuilder curriculum based on years of experience training women entrepreneurs in emerging markets. BlueDrop Performance Learning , an industry leader in online education, built the engaging DreamBuilder courseware on its robust learning management platform, CoursePark. The result is an engaging 12-course program tailored to fit the culture, language and learning levels of DreamBuilder participants.

Making Learning Fun

The Tell-Show-Do-Review Method

Alma, a fictional woman entrepreneur, introduces business concepts in the participant’s native language. Alma shares examples from her own business, making the information practical and relevant.

Telenovela dramatizations portray each concept in action, showing how to respond to challenges with smart business solutions. Testimonials from real women entrepreneurs reinforce each message.

Participants practice each concept by completing activities and educational games. They also use the innovative Business Plan Generator to strengthen their own strategies and models.

Participants demonstrate understanding of each concept by completing quizzes. Incorrect answers provide opportunities for participants to review course topics.

The Business plan Generator

Throughout the program, participants must answer questions that require them to apply the course concepts to their own businesses. The answers they provide are then stored in a business plan template, which runs hidden in the background. By the time the women finish all 12 courses, they complete the first draft of a formal business plan. They can edit, save and print their document in a business plan portal customized for DreamBuilder.

Making Business Relatable

Alma shares her story

Alma, a fictional entrepreneur, not only teaches the course, she shares lessons learned, challenges and successes she faced starting her own pastry shop. She lets the students know if she could do it, so can they.

“My husband never allowed me to work outside of the home. When I heard about DreamBuilder, I decided to take a stand for myself and enroll in the program. Watching the telenovela, I immediately identified with one of the characters from the telenovela, Lucrecia. Her story made me realize I could learn how to build my seamstress business.”

Olga,DreamBuilder Graduate