The online learning platform makes DreamBuilder accessible globally to all women seeking to start or grow their own businesses. Wherever Freeport has operations, they engage in a wide range of programs that support local capacity building. Their portfolio of assets includes mining facilities in five countries in North and South America, Africa and Indonesia. In 2013, the Spanish-language version of DreamBuilder launched in Chile and Peru. The English-language version launched this year to expand the program's reach to English-speaking entrepreneurs in North America and throughout the world.


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How DreamBuilder Changes Lives

As the head of her household, Maritza Jara supports her ailing father and her husband. Using the income she earns sewing curtains, pillows and specialty clothing items, Maritza also helps raise her grandchildren. DreamBuilder not only taught Maritza how to value her products and services, but she also learned to position and market them as well. Completing DreamBuilder gave Maritza more than knowledge and the tools she needed to ensure that her business would grow and prosper; it also gave her the confidence to implement the changes she needed to make. Studies show that women reinvest their income in their families. Maritza is no different. She uses her increased income to support three generations.


“We know how to value our businesses now! Before, we worked just to work. We did not even pay ourselves a salary. We weren’t aware that we should do that. With DreamBuilder, we’ve learned how to pay ourselves; we now understand the cost of materials and how it relates to the price of our products.”

Maritza Jara,DreamBuilder Graduate