Designed for Women

Created by Thunderbird School of Global Management, leaders in business education for women, DreamBuilder was specifically designed for the unique needs of women entrepreneurs.

Practical, Fun, and Free Business Education for Women

DreamBuilder is a free online learning program developed for women who want to start or grow their own small business. The courses focus on the basic building blocks of business, and are designed to be accessible to almost anyone regardless of education or work experience. The bite-sized courses feature interviews with successful entrepreneurs and former DreamBuilder students, as well as animations, exercises, activities, and games designed to reinforce the most important business concepts. Our innovative Business Plan Generator ensure that you’ll graduate a confident entrepreneur and capable business owner.

The Tell-Show-Do-Apply Method

Throughout the program, a fictional woman entrepreneur named Alma introduces core business concepts in a conversational and relatable tone. Alma shares examples from her own business, making the information practical and relevant to you as you get your own business off the ground.

DreamBuilder courses use dramatizations and animations to show business concepts in action. You’ll learn smart solutions to the common challenges you’ll face when starting a business, and gain tips and insights from successful female entrepreneurs and real DreamBuilder graduates.

Over the 13 DreamBuilder courses you’ll get to practice each concept by completing exercises, games, and activities. The interactive component helps to reinforce the concepts delivered via the DreamBuilder curriculum, which means you’ll graduate with a full understanding of how to apply your new skills.

Throughout DreamBuilder, you will be asked questions about your own business idea. Your answers are fed into the innovative Business Plan Generator which will create the first draft of your very own business plan at the end of the program. You’ll also have access to tools and templates.

The Business plan Generator

Throughout the program, you’ll be asked questions that require you to apply the course concepts to your own business or business idea. Your answers are stored in a business plan template, which runs hidden in the background. After completing all courses, you’ll be provided with the first draft of a business plan that you can save, edit, and print. This document will clarify the purpose and direction of your business and help you take actionable steps to get your business up and running.

Empowering Women to Succeed in Business

Alma shares her story

Alma, a fictional entrepreneur, not only teaches the course but also shares the lessons she learned starting her own pastry shop, as well as the challenges and successes she faced along the way. Alma and other relatable characters like her will give you the confidence to pursue your dreams. They’re here to remind you that if they could do it, so can you.

“My husband never allowed me to work outside of the home. When I heard about DreamBuilder, I decided to take a stand for myself and enroll in the program. Watching the telenovela, I immediately identified with one of the characters from the telenovela, Lucrecia. Her story made me realize I could learn how to build my seamstress business.”

OlgaDreamBuilder Graduate